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Commissioning Art

            Experiences that define Luxury


"I was surprisingly blown away with the end results and now own two commissions displayed in my home. I've been mesmerized with his attention to details. In fact, his preparation and presentation only enhanced my first glimpse of the hidden treasure beneath the layers of red ribbons and his selectively monogrammed personalized cards." --- Jerry C


"Sunny is a very talented young man. I gave him a photo to use as a reference and he created a beautiful work of art. He completed it within a reasonable amount of time at a modest price” - John V

Perspective intently modified

Modified to customer's request

The Process of a Commission

       Above are a couple examples of past commissioned paintings. On the left is the picture and on the right is the painting. Commissions are limited and can take a while, but they are worth the wait. The customer always gets the best quality during whole process of the commission. Every brush stroke is bespoke and thought through meticulously. It is a great experience. If you are interested in having a commission done, just email or call the artist. This information is on the contact page. Prices of commissions can greatly vary. This depends on the size of the painting, detail of the painting, the subject of the painting, etc. Depending on the painting, it can take anywhere from a month to a couple months. The steps to commissioning art are as follows.

1. Let the artist know that you are interested in a commission

2. Place your order (Be specific, preferably with a picture). Once the painting has begun, you cannot make changes to the picture or the painting subject you have decided. 

3. Wait for your painting

4. The artist will let you know when your painting is finished and set up a delivery date.

5. The painting will be wrapped, packaged and delivered to you with a personal letter.



        An Experience of absolute Finesse



       If you are interested in a painting that is shown in the gallery on the website, you can contact the artist and write an email saying you are interested in it. In the case that you have a picture or idea in mind, you can send it below and get a quote. please write the size down of the painting you want. Also, be specific about your needs.  If there is a painting you are interested in that doesn't have a price shown, contact the artist and a price can be discussed for your purchase. Delivery will be discussed and the painting will be carefully wrapped and delivered to you in personal packaging and a letter.

"My experience working with Sunny was terrific. We discussed some ideas I and had after a quick sketch we agreed on the concept. Even with this prep work, I was amazed at the results. His eye for color, lighting, and the smallest details were beyond expectations. He included a description of the art and presented the painting beautifully wrapped. I am proud to display his work in my home and look forward to the next art piece he is doing for me!" --- Doreen W

IMG_2891 2.jpg

"My Chicago painting print is absolutely one of my favorite works of art by Sunny. Standing on the State Street bridge looking eastward you are drawn to the beauty of the blue rippling waters of the Chicago River below. In the distance, the majestic detailing of the buildings showcase  great Chicago architecture rising upward to meet the blue sky with such stature and opulence." --- Katherine L


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