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About Sunny Deshpande

I've been very passionate about art my whole life. My interest really arose from when my parents first took me to museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and introduced me to artists like Monet, Van Gogh and many other famous painters at a very young age. Something about it captivated my attention. I just could not believe how the old masters were able to create such incredible and intricate masterpieces. Back then it was so hard for me to comprehend the amount of patience and practice it would have required. I had always been doodling and sketching since a very early age.

However, I decided to embark on my first oil painting when I was seven. The first painting was a mess, but it had potential. It had been many years since that first painting, and I began to find my style when I was around twelve or thirteen. After I found my style, I went all in and decided to master it. In just an year, I saw leaps of improvement and my paintings were consistent in quality and style. Then, the magic happened. I got my first commission. That changed a lot for me, because it showed me that I could actually touch someone with my art. My self confidence increased, and I worked even harder to master my craft.  Since then, I have been lucky to do paintings for and sell to numerous clients, while seeing the impact I create on them. The most gratifying part is always handing the painting over to the customer and seeing their reactions. 

I have a deep commitment to always exceed if not meet people's expectations. Being mostly self taught I've been able to stand out by my service and the experience I create for customers. Every time I do a painting for people, I ask myself, "why would someone want my painting?" I make sure the painting impresses myself before I impress anyone else. I've considered art to be a luxury, and certainly do present it as so. I make sure every component, from the custom letters, to the packaging, reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the painting itself. I want customers to remember how they felt when they first picked up the art. As the painting is with them for years to come, it is my hope that the art continues to be cherished and enjoyed. My phrase, "no house is home without art", is another strong belief of mine. I think art needs to be a part of everybody's lives and it has certainly helped me in life from many aspects of personal growth such as creative thinking, problem solving, reasoning, stress-relief, time management, focus, persuasion, patience, perseverance, and a load of other life skills!

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