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About Sunny Deshpande

Sunny grew up in a family of artists who for the most part pursued the fine arts simply as a passion and hobby. Interested in the arts he began drawing and painting before he could read or write. Growing up in Chicago and exposed to museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and numerous galleries, it introduced him to artists like Monet, Van Gogh and many other famous painters at a very young age. Captivated by all this along with an ongoing passion for painting, he began studying with Ukranian artist Walter Monastyretsky who greatly influenced and shaped his style of painting realism with bright colors and an impressionistic touch. Receiving his first commission at only age thirteen, he has continued to exhibit in shows, galleries, and to be doing further commissions and projects for private clients, families, restaurants, car dealerships, and other businesses. 


          Sunny is mostly a self-taught artist, which means he has found his style through trial and error of experimenting with painting over many years. He is still not afraid to try new ideas and concepts however, and believes in always maintaining a certain type of "freshness" in art.  He has a deep commitment to always exceed if not meet people's expectations. He considers art to be a luxury, and certainly does present it as so. He insists that every component, from the custom letters to the packaging, to the embroidered dustbags that envelop his commissioned projects for delivery, reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the painting itself. Sunny emphasizes on the importance of customers needing to remember how they felt when they first picked up the art, because the emotions experienced leading up to witnessing art that is special to them for the first time, is just as important as the art itself. Sunny's phrase, "no house is home without art", is another strong belief that ties to the belief that art needs to be a part of everybody's lives to bring joy and brighten up the world. In his free time Sunny has many other hobbies he enjoys. He is a violinist, pilot, author, and engineer as well. When not painting, he enjoys this second greatest passion, flying. He has hours on helicopters as well as single engine aircraft. This passion for aviation has supported many aerial shots and ideas, which has influenced his art. Among other hobbies are also spending time outdoors, cycling, writing, and playing music.

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