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Entrepreneurship Changed The Way I Think: Insight on business and life from a young entrepreneur

Through my journey with art, I've also become an entrepreneur, starting the business you see here at Being an entrepreneur has truly changed the way I think. Initially, at age nine, I sold handmade candles door to door having aspirations to make some pocket money. This small venture motivated me to learn the sales and business process from the ground up. Later at age thirteen, I turned my hobby of art into a profitable business.


      Inspired by that success, I immersed myself in the subject of entrepreneurship and became obsessed with business and success. Through that, I have adopted a life-changing mindset that I know can help a lot of people in many aspects of life. Apply the concepts of this book, and I guarantee you will see the world differently and improve your own mindset for the better.

What readers are saying!

This book changed the way I think! I am already an entrepreneur, and it still changed the way I think. I currently own a landscaping business and thought I had peaked, little did I know I was wrong, at the hands of another young entrepreneur! Thanks to this book I now have a totally new and fresh prospective on my future ventures and what I am working on right now! Hopefully the author will release a 2nd book in the near future!

The young author has deep insight and will inspire many individuals, especially students, with this book. Sunny is one of the few individual who perceive the world differently and stands apart from others. By writing this book, the author has shown his good intention to help others, which will go a long way in a teaching professional as well as life lessons to all.

-Sanjay P

This book is so informative and an easy read. Sunny's goal is to help people foster their own entrepreneurial interests and passions. He shares his own insight into life and also shares what he has learned in his own business endeavors. The book guides the reader to develop the stepping stones to entrepreneurship.

-Katherine L
-Christian S

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